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Why MyTime

“MyTime has been an amazing support to me. It allows me to talk to people who really understand.”

MyTime members come from different backgrounds and their children have different abilities and needs. Through talking about their experiences, carers share their varied ways of reacting to and coping with their challenges. Members support each other and build relationships, which can lead to an increased sense of belonging and wellbeing.

Why MyTime

MyTime groups are not restricted to parents of children with particular additional needs – there are not specific MyTime groups for autism spectrum disorder or cerebral palsy, for example. All groups are open to all parents and carers. In some circumstances, you may be eligible to attend MyTime even if your child doesn't have a diagnosis.

MyTime groups are a supportive space for parents to feel understood and share ideas about managing a range of situations. A MyTime group is more than a playgroup, it's a place where parents can meet others in similar situations. MyTime members also have access to information and resources though the group facilitator. Members get to plan the group sessions around their specific needs as carers.

What happens in a MyTime session?

Each group has between four and twelve members. These parents and carers share similar experiences. Groups usually meet once a week for two hours during school term. You do not need to attend each session, you can go when you have time.

Our team

MyTime facilitators have experience in disability, parenting or family support. They make sure group discussion is open and inclusive, help members choose what they would like to discuss in their groups, and can also provide reliable resources and help organise speakers and activities.

Play helpers keep members’ preschool-age children engaged with activities such as singing, drawing, and playing with toys and blocks. Although some play helpers may be qualified child care workers, parents remain responsible for their own children at MyTime.